is it a real communication?


                With processing and improving of Internet technology, trends of making friends and chatting has been shifted from reality to virtual world. This is what we must follow with instead of avoiding them into your life. When I have finished the short film Noah(2013), I just found that what consists of this boy’s life is just the Internet through websites and electronic devices. Just one plot made a deep impression on me is that Noah hacked his girlfriend’s account then modified the relationship to single. Thus, the sweet couple has been brought up by reason of separating from different places. After this incident happened, one of Amy’s friends commented for consulting the information about the why they brought up or something like that. It just jumped to my head that all of this suddenly happen in one minute with the highly advanced web communication. On the other way, the technology bring many benefits to us, which makes our communication much easier and faster, but it remains a question, is it a real communication that we expect or need?

                  Obviously, the answer can be found in the essay “Digital Dating and Virtual Relating: Conceptualizing Computer Mediated Romantic Relationships”. Erich R. Merkle and Rhonda A. Richardson developed an idea that modern technology has had  a big influence on the daily communication of relating to each other. They has brought up four bodies to discuss the relationship between normal people at now in terms of computer mediated relationship(CMR). At first, they thought as history of Internet and process of development made the interpersonal communication into a trend from normal face-to-face to do it on the Internet. Then they pointed that when people developed a relationship through computer can avoid many shortcomings that we have to counter with in reality. For example, they said “Because individuals in face-to-face relationships do not typically have anonymity or the psychological comfort that comes from such anonymity, they tend to reveal a little information about themselves at a time until they feel safe”(190). It implies people are in very common that they cannot open themselves at first. However, this situation can be altered if it has put into the CMR. All unsafely comfort and nervous feeling has been eliminated. Due to this situation, they also prompted their concern about relationship infidelity which seems like becoming much easier for people who meet on the Internet. The boundary on the behavior has been set by the determination of everyone who do not want to make troubles in the family. Finally, they admitted that what they talked and posited needs to be more practice and research to verify.

Nevertheless, I do not think people can find their true love through Internet because of people tended to fake themselves as perfect and wonderful man when they appeared in the chat, which makes them looks more attracting and intimacy. People loved to change themselves for fulfill their selfish requirement for sexual relationships or other purposes. Anyway, it is very rare for people who behaves as same as what they do in reality. Pursuing a perfect lover is just a dream and saying for comforting someone who get lost and feel distressed.


                  I never try to do online dating. Because I think it is not real communication that I expect. Actually, the newspaper always have the coverage about the deceptive action on online dating, which makes me fear for that it may be a trap. However, if I have been in a relationship with a girl, I will communicate with her online because I confirm that she is the one I want to be with and it will gain our relationship quickly. What  I mean is that I will not date with a girl who meets me online, totally a stranger to me. Even so, I still think that more and more people will choose to date online for finding what they want to be with. It is a trend cannot be avoided and neglected. This transformation makes people get to each other more convenient and more intimacy. The next generation may not understand what we mean about intimacy because it has been changed since they choose to alter the normal way to communicate with each other. It remains that the significance of  communication is what we need, not what we define.


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