Is true love really a click away? (Luciana Calle)



As technology grows, today’s generations seems to have forgotten the true importance of face to face communication especially when dealing with relationships. Now a days people feel as though texting, emailing, webcamming, and calling is just at good as being in person but there are many things that can go wrong when hiding behind that computer screen,or piece of technology because the person, which you may be talking to, may not be who you think they are.


When being in an online relationship the people involved can only get to know each other at a minimal. Many people who have been in long online relationships feel as though they know everything about their significant other through these valuable sources, when in reality they have yet to meet them in person. Communication with the use of technology is very limited because it cuts out all of the use of human sense that come with intimately getting to know someone. For example, the feeling of someone’s presence, how they smell like, how it feels to hugs them, kiss them, holding their hand all gets taken away through communicating with technology.


Internet dating also gives a person the ability to lie about themselves and pretend to be something they are not. Since the couple can only communicate online there it becomes a lot easier to hide one’s identity and that can sometimes lead to more tragic things than just disappointment and a broken heart. Many times internet dating has lead to rapes and murders because people pretend to be younger than they are and so they lie about themselves to seek victims.


In the film Noah, he was really suspicious about his girlfriend Amy cheating on him, which was the reason she may have been trying to break up with him. This is a great example of how online dating can really affect the trust that plays in the relationship. Since technology really takes away from the emotional security that can over time be built when being in person, through affection, all Noah had was hacking into his girlfriend’s Facebook to be sure she wasn’t. When communication  lacks in a relationship, it leaves a whole lot of room for misunderstandings but since in this case Amy had no communication with him because of her Skype, he had nothing but his thoughts and his friend’s advice on what he should do about his insecurity.




When dealing with college, communication can be rough and technology can sometimes seem to be the only reliable source to keep in touch.  Being in a relationship in which your girlfriend goes to another school and lives in another town can be very sad and frustrating as well but trying to make up lost time by seeing each other on the weekends, keeps the relationship going. Since technology does indeed take away a whole lot that a relationship can provide for a person such as comfort, support and a lot of other things that are just not the same over the internet or an electronic device.

From my opinion all relationships showed have as much of a balance as possible, communicating online isn’t bad when its once in a while but taking time to go out with your partner and at least remind yourself of their presence is always good.


Technology has indeed affected today’s generation an awful lot but has not yet erased the full meaning of being in person. It may affect future generations much more than now since we all did not have technology since we were young but now even baby have tablets now and that could indeed cause a huge issue. But at the end it will all depend on how satisfied the individual will feel with the limitations of technologies, unless those limitations become the difference between no interaction at all.



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  1. I agree with you completely. Whenever someone is online they give off fake appearances as well as fake facts about themselves. You cant truly find someone who will tell you everything about themselves the way you would be able to figure out ones personality and actions during actual human contact.

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