“I love you. Wanna Meet?”



Eric R. Merkle and Rhonda A. Richardson describe internet users as “technology loving” and one of the greatest Internet exploiters of social medium. More and more, technology is becoming more innovative and the social aspect of the Internet is increasing. At first it was simple AOL chatting, Xanga, Myspace, then it became Facebook, Oovoo, Skype, FaceTime, and now it has expanded to Google Plus and Snapchat. And there will probably be more to come in the future! Merkle and Richardson discuss computer mediated relationships (CMR) as big clashers to traditionally formed relationships. They provide information on how the “cost” of CMR can outweigh the “rewards”, which therefore leads to a relationship likely to fall apart.


I believe that it is impossible to have a fulfilling, life-long relationship with a partner via online. The equation just does not match up to the answer. Online relationships simply do not last. Sure in the beginning both parties may receive a lot of attention through messaging replies and whatnot. But the context of REAL LIFE meetings and online interactions are just not the same. Apart from the fact that people may be dishonest and lie about their age, if there is no intimacy between the two partners, you can never know true feelings. For example, with internet relationships if you want a kiss or a hug or even some sort of physical comfort, you have to “log-in” on your computer and sit on a chair. Sometimes talking is just not enough. You can see the clear evidence from the film Noah. Amy is clearly trying to talk and find comfort through Noah, but although Noah is there through video chat, he is barely paying attention to her and her problems. However, with physical relationships, you get to kill two birds with one stone. You have the opportunity to be with the person you love as well as talk to them at the same time.


(This was actually from one of our photoshoots)

If I had to contribute my two cents, it would be this. From personal experience (I’m currently dating my boyfriend of one year, it will be our anniversary in 2 days!), traditional relationships are the winner. Although internet and technology make life a bit easier to communicate and share with people about your love life, nothing beats the physical presence of a partner. I am still in school while my boyfriend is out in the workforce. Our means of communication is through the Internet throughout the week. But when he comes to visit over the weekend, that is what I look forward to the most. I get to spend every moment with him and treasure the time I have. Even though we may both be doing our own things on our laptops or just quietly watching a movie together, just knowing that we’re both here for each other in the same place says a whole lot about how we view our relationship with each other. It holds value and room for growth in our relationship. I really hope that the future generations will understand the importance of intimacy and physical presence because if everything is behind a computer screen, that’s all what your relationship will be: BEHIND A COMPUTER SCREEN.


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  1. I agree that intimacy and being able to touch, and hug or kiss a partner is very important. This is what makes a relationship even stronger. The digital world does not give us the power to do that. Congratulations on your anniversary! It is great that you can balance both a traditional relationship but with a few digital updates that make life a lot easier.

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