“See You Soon”, Coldplay’s Hidden Treausre

This is the album recording.

This is the song performed live.

“See You Soon” is one of Coldplay’s  earlier song that was released on their 1999 album The Blue Room . Various websites have said this hit falls under the genre of rock, though that can be debatable.   Even though this was one of Coldplay’s shorter songs and overall shorter albums, the song should not be discredited. With powerful yet simple lyrics and a heavy use of acoustics, “See You Soon” creates a complexity for each listener. From the album cover art to the interpretation of the song, it can be hard for listeners to agree.  In our podcast we discuss the meaning of the lyrics, particularly in the chorus and final verse, and explore how the two contribute to the overall meaning. This song was released prior to Coldplay’s popularity, and is hailed as one of their greater songs. This album was their first major record deal and would cause trouble within the band.  Does this mean their songs and focus have changed to appeal a to wider audience versus staying authentic? Listen in and gain a new perspective from Sammie, Melanie, Jeremy and Mary on Coldplay’s earlier song.


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This source gave us general information about the album The Blue Room.


The site gave us history about the band and their genre.


This is the band’s main website. This assisted our group with information about the cover art.


This was another website that gave detailed information about the The Blue Room.


To aid us in our research, we wanted to see if their were any major event is 1999 that would related to our song and album.


This blog post gave another perspective about the song. This supported the idea that the song has a different meaning to each listener.


Itunes was used to see what genre they considered this album.


This is the history of alternative rock, and why Coldplay’s song fit into this specific genre.


This website had individuals analyzing some of the lyrics we looked into. This focuses on multiple listeners and their experience with the song.


Unlike the previous sources, this was a website that reviewed the whole album. This helped us look at the difference between Coldplay’s earlier work versus their work today.

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