The Pros and Cons of Social Media

Are the newer technologies of my generation greatly complicating personal relationships?  The answer is absolutely yes, relationships have become so different within the past ten years.  Within that time it has become standard for everyone to have a cell phone, particularly a smart phone with unlimited text messaging, as well a Facebook profile and many other social media accounts such as Instagram and Twitter.  With all of this social media confrontation in a relationship that is public, including your very own relationship status that just about everyone can see, relationships have completely changed.  In the short film “Noah”, Noah and his girlfriend communicate through many different platforms including texts, Facebook messages, and via Skype.  Also they get in a large fight when Noah changes his girlfriend’s relationship status from in a relationship with him to single.  The fight would have never happened if neither party would have had Facebooks or any technology.  Also after the skype conversation when Amy tells Noah she doesn’t want to hold him back he proceeds to somewhat stalk her Facebook profile and finds different guys that have been liking and commenting on her pictures as well as Facebook messaging her.

Relationships are already extremely complicated but the addition of all these new factors truly changes the game for my generation and everyone who comes after us.  What will the future hold, will there be any form of privacy or will everything be out in the open in forms of social media.  Though there are many cons to technology within relationships there may in fact be just as many pros.  Think about how people communicated with each other in previous generations, when there was just ground telephones lines or even earlier when there was just letters sent back and forth.  A long distance relationship would have been so much harder in the past, but now you can talk to whomever using an endless array of applications to your phone and computer.  You can even speak to someone half way around the world just by using the internet, so it is quite a powerful tool.  Though technology changes relationships and how people interact, and regardless of whether they increase or decrease the level of intimacy in a relationship, one things for sure and thats that technology won’t be going anywhere any time soon so people in my position better learn how to interact with it.  Personally I do use a lot of social media accounts regularly and it allows me to connect with a lot of people I meet just briefly during a party or event on a random night.  It does have a lot of negative parts that I don’t like, like when the girl in chat roulette said she hates when people post “RIP Grandma” and then people like it.  I agree with that perspective because it seems like fake affection, but may of its platforms can be used positively.  At the end of the day it is completely up to the person or people in the relationship and how they use or abuse social media and technology.


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  1. I agree with you that at the end of the day, it depends on how the person uses social media. Using social media to connect with others can have it’s ups and downs. You just have to be smart about it and don’t do anything that would mess up a relation you have in your real life.

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