“You can’t have my heart, And you won’t use my mind…”


Lady Gaga’s 2013 song “Do What You Want,” on her new album ARTPOP has inspired a lot of conversation among fans and critics alike. She has been criticized and shamed for her supposedly distasteful and obscene lyrics. However, these labels are really missing out on what the song accomplishes for Gaga as an artist and a performer. In our podcast, we discuss that despite what a listener may think, Gaga’s song is an anthem of empowerment and pride. Tune in to hear what Gaga really wants to express through her lyrics in the carefully written “Do What You Want.”


We used an article on Gigiwise, entitled “Lady Gaga Talks 2013 Depression, Following The Release of Artpop,” for a few quotes and for a general understanding of Gaga’s feelings following the release.

This next article, from Spin or Bin includes the interview with June Brown. We used a direct quote from Gaga to explain what the song means for her.

We used an interview with MTV news as well for quotes by Gaga.

We sourced a quote about the ARTPOP album as a whole from this wordpress blog.

We trusted AZ lyrics to give us the most accurate lyrics to the song.

To get a true understanding of how Gaga is the ultimate “performer” and how she is a feminist hero, we looked to none other than Jack Halberstam’s book Gaga Feminism: Sex, Gender, and the End of Normal (Queer Action/Queer Ideas) Published by Beacon Press in Boston in 2012


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