“Internet Dating”


Erich R. Merkle and Rhonda A. Richardson suggest that computer mediated relationships (CMR) complicate the way we traditionally form interpersonal romantic relationships in “Digital Dating and Virtual Relating: Conceptualizing Computer Mediated Romantic Relationships” in several ways but one idea that was interesting to me was the “sheer proximity.” The importance of being able to have a face to face conversation in “real life” and not just the cyber world is important. Is talking to someone on skype, ovoo and facetime the same as having a face to face conversation? I personally don’t think so. I believe there has to be face to face interaction for a healthy relationship. Not necessarily everyday face to face interaction because I believe that long distance relationships can work if it is true love but an occasional personal time together is important. The physical part of interaction is obviously missed in online relationships.The face to face interaction keeps people updated with whats going on in their partners life. Face to face interactions allows you to see the good and bad side of your partner. When your talking to someone online I think you never get to see who they really are you only get to see what that person allows you to see. I do not believe you can truly find love on the internet because not everyone is who they say they are on the internet. If you heavily rely on online dating or online sites to talk to people it is easy to get fooled and lied to.

Online communication should not be the main source of communications for any relationship. In Noah it was clear that online communication was one of the reasons for their break up. In the movie a young couple is having trouble about rather or not they can be together in the future and instead of having this important conversation face to face they have it on skype. Noah loses skype connection with his girlfriend and everything goes down hill from their. Noah constantly begins to check his girlfriend’s Facebook relationship for verification of a break up. Noah goes ahead and uses her password to log in on her account and change their relationship status. A simple meet up at a coffee shop where the two could actually sit down and talk face to face could have stopped the whole thing from going as far as it did.




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