“Acid Rain” Podcast (Acid Rap)

Chance the rapper is the new upcoming popular artist of the century, delivering songs that are meant to create controversy and address issues that are unspoken of. His music is something new, maybe categorized as hip-hop but can definitely be a topic made to be discussed. This unique artist released his album Acid Rap on April 30, 2013 featuring great artist such as Childish Gambino and many other talented musicians. My favorite song from his 13 song album is Acid Rain, which is the song I have selected to discuss in my podcast. I hope you like it, enjoy!

Resources used for to achieve this project:
1. http://rapgenius.com/Chance-the-rapper-acid-rain-lyrics
(This link helped me view not just others opinions but the deeper more informative meaning of many lines in Chance the rapper’s verses that I was not personally familiar with.)

2. http://www.stereogum.com/1338682/mixtape-of-the-week-chance-the-rapper-acid-rap/franchises/mixtape-of-the-week/
(This link provided me with more of a larger view on his music and meaning for writing it and the purpose Chance the rapper had in his mind set.)

3. http://www.rapreviews.com/archive/2013_05_chanceacidrap.html
(Different interpretations for his lyrics since many have different twist to them, further explaining his references to mentioning people in his lyrics.)

4. http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/interviews/id.2099/title.chance-the-rapper-talks-the-chicago-scene-his-acid-rap-mixtape-
(Written interview on why he wrote the song, and personal information on chance the rapper as an artist.)

5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwZS_Sxr1oA
(video title Chance the rapper talks about the interpretations of acid rain, which really allowed me to hear chance the rapper himself on his own music.)

6. Casey Sanchez. CHANCE THE RAPPER Acid Rap (self-released) . Sana Fe New Mexican.The (NM). 2013
(This article goes in detail about Chance the rapper and gives a different opinion on his genre and his style of music along with a bit of input on some of this other song within the album.)


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